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“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after” Henry David Thoreau


your turn to tell us...


..your stories of when you fished as a kid.  remember when all you needed was a cane pole and worms from your mom's garden.  when all you needed was a warm saturday afternoon, when all you needed was to cross the street to that creek over there, or go out back to the pond your daddy dug and stocked, when all you needed was to have fun with or without catching a fish.

remember who took you fishing, remember what you talked about, remember the brown bag lunch, the cold glass bottle of "pop," and the red and white bobber.

tell us about it, do so in 500 or so words, tell us who took you, where you went, what you talked about, why it was important to you, send us a photo of you as a kid fishing (that's important).

and here's a BONUS:  if you pass it forward and take a kid fishing, tell us about that too, tell us why you do that, if you can take a photo of the two (or how many) of you that's cool but not critical...SEND ME THAT AND I'LL SEND YOU A PRETTY COOL GIFT.

so get in this story telling yourself lets here from the working stiff anglers out there, tell us your stories

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