fish with db & bb, riley too

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after” Henry David Thoreau


the stories

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It’s not about catching fish…

…it’s about catching memories & time spent with loved ones.


Quacumquasit Pond

The story of Danaiel (Daniel Kenney) and “WHY” he does it.

The Cove…about how the “little things” in life are big after all.


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On Seaton Pond

The why brings about the story of "them" and how a fishing date, a first time ever fishing for Sharon, lead to over 50 years of marriage…


“That Damn Movie…”

He stands in front of me holding a child’s Zebco fishing rod and reel while wearing a fly fishing vest, “My father gave me this Zebco 77 back when I was maybe five years old, I’ve had it ever since…”

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Kent Pond

The story of two friends who grew up fishing together on a small Vermont Pond…

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