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“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after” Henry David Thoreau

"I grew up on a farm in Central new York...

The Pickle Dish circa early 1960's

The Pickle Dish circa early 1960's

...75 milking cows and 35,000 chickens.  there was 500 acres of land that we tilled to raise cops for the livestock, i was the oldest of 7 children.

one day back in 1963 my parents bought a piece of paradise on Skaneateles Lake, it was 48 feet of shoreline, on it stood a non-insulated "camp."  my dad bought us a 12 foot Pram with oars so that we could get out on the water to go fishing.  we also used the Pram as a floating naval war machine, chucking crab apples at each other.

my brothers and i would start out by waking up early and getting out of bed up in the loft where we slept, we would sneak downstairs, if you could call it that with our fishing poles dragging down the stairs sounding like an early morning drum.  we three in hushed tones telling each other to be quiet, yelling at each other that we were making to much noise, "no i'm not," "yes you are," "no i'm not you are..."

we would make it down to the edge of the lake where the Pram was, flip it over and invariably getting into an argument as to whose turn it was to row "the pickle dish," as one of our neighbors called it.  once we managed to get it out on the water one of us would row while the others "trolled" our lines of the back of the boat.  we never caught a lot of fish but when we did there would be a bunch of whooping and hollering at the top of our lungs, we never caught a lot of fish but boy did we have fun trying.

time slips by so quickly, my dad is gone now but i realize now the love he had for us, although he never really said it verbally he did so in the purchase of this little piece of paradise he scrapped the money together to buy for his family.

the camp turned into a year round home eventually and after 40 years it was sold.  none of us could afford to purchase what it was worth in today's real estate market, but to me in memories it was well worth millions.

Paul Hudson-Camillus, NY 2018

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