A Gator Christmas (preview)

A Christmas (fishing) Story coming Christmas 2018…for members only.

It was 7 days before christmas ‘62…

pinhole florida.jpeg

…and the barone’s were headed south!

To the “World’s Playground” Miami, Florida and away from the “World’s Snow Capital” Buffalo, NY.

It was Monday the 17th of December and as me and my dad shoveled out the driveway he looked at me and said, “Just think a week from now on Christmas Eve we’ll be on a beach with our toes in the Atlantic.”

I was 10 years old and my toes were freezing even though my Grandmother had put old Wonder Bread plastic bags over my socks before she jammed my feet into my black 6 buckles“Artics.” “Will the Atlantic be warm,” I asked as my toes in Buffalo began to get all prickly from the cold.

“The warmest, you’ll see son,” At which point I took one mitten off and just let it hang on the string that went through both arms inside my snowsuit, wiped the street slush off my face and smiled, “there’s no snow where we are going, just beaches, palm trees flamingoes and fun.”

It was my first ever Christmas with no snow but with beaches, palm trees and flamingoes, I was 10 though, every Christmas was fun.

“And we get to drive there in that beauty…”

And behind us in the driveway was Dad’s brand new 7 year old used Chevy Nomad that he just bought for this trip, “…we will be traveling like the real McCoy’s now son,” except for the fact that if the car wasn’t Aqua you wouldn’t know there was a brand new used car in that snowdrift back where the garage would be, if we had one.

But Dad, all Christmases are fun…

But Dad, all Christmases are fun…